Dear LJ,thanks a freaking lot!

Hello all - somehow and for some reason LJ deleted me from all my friend update notifications. So my apologies for thinking LJ died. I see it is still very much somewhat alive! And so am I, hahaha.

ETA: Floods finished, city cleaned up, now covered in snow. And cold. No: COLD.

So Deep in the Fic Closet I've Found the Door to Narnia

So here I am at a professional two-day meeting away from home, and when my colleagues ask what I'm going to do when I get back to my hotel I want to casually throw out the truth: oh, I'm going to work on a few WiPs, try to hammer out at least an outline so I can go over it again later in the week and at least have something to edit. But I don't. When my coworkers are talking about their weekend running schedule or their fishing trips or just watching the game, I want to off-handedly throw in that I've got to catch up on some writing. But I don't (because no one ever just leaves it at that - oh, what are you writing? - and truly, what curious being wouldn't ask that question?

I want so desperately to find like minds out there in my offline world, but from overheard conversations just my tv watching habits might seem too out in left field!

So I'm curious - is anyone actually out of the fanfic closet in their non-virtual lives?

Series: DS9 - Who You Are - Part 5: Truth

Um, hi. Remember me? So embarrassed. Would it sound cooler if I said I was travelling the world? Yes, but that would be a lie!

Title: Who You Are, Part 5: Truth
Author: jenni_snake
Rating: General
Warnings: This part can be read on its own. Entire series will end up being an AU.
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Word Count: 582 words.
Summary: There is so much to hide and so much to reveal - the truth will out.

Who You Are, Part 5: Truth (You will be directed to An Archive of Our Own - feel free to comment there or here, comments greatly appreciated!)

The 'Where Am I?' Update

Just a note tossed into cyberspace ("Quit throwing your garbage into our dimension.") - I swear I am still here, it's just that I have been a) unmotivated to write by the absence of my wife (Nov. until winter break), b) sick and in Denver (most of winter break), c) busy making up for lost time with wife (end of winter break until, well, ongoing, really) and now d) busy for Teachers' Convention organizing (now until Feb. 16... maybe 18... maybe even 25).

So this is by way of apology for not writing (don't know if any of the two fandoms I post to watch my LJ, but if you do - hi!) or posting since forever, but a promise that I have not disappeared nor am I still tormented by writer's block, but that my time/brainpower has just been co-opted by the other dimension I occupy.

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely holiday if yours fell within the recent time period!

Post-Christmas 2012, Pre-New Year 2013 Status Update

Status Update: sick, as a dog.

Caught a cold coming down to Denver with my dad to visit my grandma, aunt, uncle, and rendezvous with brother, sister-in-law, nephew. Have been various kinds of sick since Sunday. Have been without wife, who was supposed to join us, for seven weeks and one day. Will not see her again until Jan. 3rd. Maybe second, but don't want to hold out too much hope, since was supposed to see her on 19th of December, but she sprained her foot and couldn't walk let alone travel. Owie! So it was a bit of a sad Christmas, but at least my dad and grandma and aunt were happy to celebrate. Uncle opted out (religious reasons), rest of fam didn't arrive til Boxing Day.

So I thought in all the time my wife was away I could just attack my writing. Not so - turns out she is my muse now, and I write for and because of her. Having her away doesn't enable my writing. However! I think I will get a part of something up, soon. Yay!

Perhaps when I'm not coughing up a lung and its contents, or going through a box of Kleenex an hour. Here's to hoping!

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